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Who We Are


Thank you for your interest in J. Huber & Associates, a management consulting firm that specializes in reducing process costs by improving customer service.


For two decades, J. Huber & Associates has been a proven resource for transforming manufacturing and distribution operations. Over the past thirteen years, Mr. Huber has now applied this experience to library operations. The results have been a dramatic improvement in both library customer service and productivity performance. more



What We Do


Please feel free to contact Mr. Huber directly to discuss your issues and opportunities regarding:


Improving Service While Reducing Cost

  • Transform your new book delivery service performance

  • Transform your holds/reserves delivery process

  • Optimize your delivery routes and system 

  • Improve your branch staff circulation productivity

  • Create a Culture of Change at your Library


Create Your Purposed-Based Library

  • Develop your Community Pyramid of Heirachial Needs

  • Develop Value Based Dashboard Metrics

  • Create a Resource Staffing Plan

  • Create a Targeted Marketing Plan

  • Become the focal point for community transformation


What We Provide


Once we have evaluated your needs we can provide:


  • On-site process design and project management support

  • Holds Label Solution Design and Implementation

  • No-Totes Solution Design and Implementation

  • Service and cost improvement work shops and webinars

  • Architectural process design consultation

  • Off-site Lean and Purposed-Based project management support and consultation


Purpose-Based Library Management Software - STRATUM Q

In Pilot Development

Imagine software built to support the concepts of the Purpose-Based Library. That imagination is becoming reality. StratumQ is in development and pilot projects are in process. 

"The Purpose-Based Library" from ALA Publishing

In The Purpose-Based Library, John Huber builds on more than a decade of helping libraries survive and succeed, demonstrating that when libraries focus on their true mission and purpose, they can create real growth opportunities. 


Available Now "Lean Library Management"

Libraries today face reduced budgets, increased customer expectations, and aggressive competition from web-based information sources. 

Get ahead of outsourcing

Read Mr. Huber's American Libraries Magazine article in the January 2011 issue, "Stave off privatization with a lean, mean library management machine"

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 Media Stream

The Holds Label 'One and Done' Solution at Johnson County Library

JCL adopted J Huber & Associates 'One n Done' Holds Label a number of years ago and they could not be more thrilled with the results. This video shows the Eight Up label solution using a standard laser printer and the one up label solution using the sticky receipt paper to create a holds label. Libraries across the country are installing the 'One n Done' Solution, contact John Huber at for more information.

Improving Customer Service- Carrollton Public Library

Great example of a library using a customer's view to improve customer service. This video is the simulated before and after video of service improvements ideas. Carrollton Public did a great job embracing service improvement/ cost reduction concepts from John Huber's Lean Library Management Book and workshops. Find out more about Carrollton's project by reading John Huber's new book - The Purposed-Based Library.

Explore Tulsa- J. Huber & Associates and Tulsa City / County Library

This is a great video produced by the 'Explore Tulsa' group about my relationship with the Tulsa City/County Library and other libraries across the country. It also shows the 'no tote' solution. Enjoy!

No-Tote Solution

The productivity and capability of any delivery system is driven by the type of container the operation uses. Tote boxes are a highly inefficient means to transport and deliver books. Automated sorting systems rarely live up to the promise resulting in extra labor efforts. longer delivery times and high maintenance costs. To learn more about our solution to delivery systems, click here.

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